5 Hiring Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

June 26, 2019 Catherine Tacopina

In today’s candidate-driven job market, finding ways to attract top talent can be challenging! While you may think you have all the tools you need to stand out, it’s important to remain up-to-date on new hiring trends and be aware of the expectations job seekers have set for their job search. So how do you keep up with evolving trends in order to attract and retain top talent?

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Believe it or not, Twitter is an excellent resource for employers looking to onboard new staff and retain top performers! Whether you can’t find the right candidates or you need new ideas for employee engagement, there are a variety of experts on Twitter that can provide you with the guidance you need.

Here are our five favorite hiring experts on Twitter to start following today!

Bryan Chaney

As Indeed’s Director for Global Employer Brand and Talent Attraction, there are few people with more insight than Bryan Chaney regarding how you can make your company stand out. With a well-informed perspective on management best practices and employer branding, Bryan was named a Top Recruitment Thought Leader to Follow in 2019!

Greg Kratz

Many employers are hesitant to provide remote work opportunities to their staff, even though studies have shown it can lead to increased employee retention. With a focus on work-life balance, remote work, and flexible work opportunities, Greg Kratz is among the most important voices on this issue!

Skip Prichard

The author of “The Book Of Mistakes: 9 Secrets To A Successful Future,” Skip Prichard is a CEO with years of experience providing  guidance to employers and aspiring leaders alike. We particularly love this post he wrote about the needs that work should fulfill for today’s professionals.

Rod Hore

With years of experience under his belt, Rod Hore has a well-rounded, in-depth knowledge about recruitment for employers. Need guidance on making your next hire? Curious to know what employment trends matter and which ones don’t? Look no further than Rod’s advice!

Jeff Haden

A contributing editor at Inc. Magazine, Jeff Haden is a valuable voice for managers who are looking to nurture and develop employees. If you are struggling to find and build a cohesive team, we recommend reading one of his most recent articles about how Google identifies them.

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