4 Successful Employee Engagement Activities For The Summer

July 25, 2019 Catherine Tacopina

With the summer finally here, keeping your employees engaged may be a real challenge!  For many industries, the summer is traditionally more quiet, so it can be tough to ensure your staff remain focused. Because of this, it’s important for employers to promote employee engagement activities that will help enhance their company’s culture and, most importantly, employee satisfaction.

While everyone’s needs are different, finding the right way to actively engage with your employees during the summer can ultimately lead to higher levels of team productivity and collaboration. This could be especially important when the uptick in work increases in the fall!

Here are four ways employers can successfully implement employee engagement activities this summer:

Provide flexible work options

Allowing employees to work reduced hours by offering Summer Fridays has become increasingly popular over the past several years. However, this isn’t the only way to give your staff more flexibility! For example, if you don’t already have a telecommuting policy in place, the summer is a great time to implement one. By allowing employees the opportunity to work outside of the office, they can spend less time worrying about finalizing travel arrangements for a long weekend and coordinating carpools for their family during the week.

Sponsor company-wide events out of the office

While you should be promoting employee engagement activities year-round, the warmer months afford you the opportunity to get out of the office to do so. In an effort to build camaraderie and morale during the summer, many employers will sponsor company-wide trips or competitive activities. By hosting these activities now, you may set your employees up for more collaboration and productivity throughout the rest of the year!

Implement team lunches

Finding time during busier months of the year to meet with your team for lunch can be challenging. However, the summer is an excellent time to get your team together for a low-key, low-pressure lunch. Set a goal for yourself to meet with your team for lunch every other week during the season. Doing so can be a great way to not only touch base with your team, but also build on your relationships with one another.

Encourage employees to take vacation time

Every company has a few employees whom, if they could have it their way, would never take a day off. However, not taking time off can lead to higher levels of burnout and stress. As a manager, it’s important to actively encourage your team to use their vacation time this season. By doing so, you’re not only being a considerate leader, but you’re also ensuring that your team has the opportunity to reset and recharge.

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