How To Navigate Seasonal Hiring In An Evolving Market

December 3, 2020 Stephanie Klemperer

seasonal hiring

The holiday season is already underway, and companies are starting to navigate their seasonal hiring for December and beyond. While the pandemic has certainly thrown new challenges into the mix, many employers are finding success with a contract staffing strategy—leading the competition for seasonal talent to heat up.

“Not only are employers preparing for an increase in their workload, but they are also growing more confident in the market as we transition to a ‘new’ normal,” says Jesse Siegal, Senior Vice President of Temporary Staffing at The Execu|Search Group. “Companies that went through lay-offs or hiring freezes are starting to re-hire, and are increasingly turning to consultants as a strategic and cost-effective way to keep operations running efficiently.” Read also: 5 Reasons To Hire Temporary Workers During Uncertain Times

This is typically the busiest time for seasonal hiring, and this year is no exception. While we might not be experiencing the record highs from previous years, this year’s trends are comparable to what we’ve seen in the past. The surge in demand is particularly noteworthy across the following areas:

  • Accounting (public and private)
  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Nonprofit
  • Tech

If you’re gearing up for your busy season, you might start feeling the pressure to identify and secure seasonal talent to help with the additional workload. So, how do you ensure you are prepared for this hiring surge and can make seasonal hiring a success for your company?

Think strategically

If you have been hesitant to get started on seasonal hiring, now is the time to go full speed ahead! “As a result of the current market, there are a lot of highly skilled professionals who are open to consulting for the first time,” says Jesse. “These are candidates who you might not have ever had access to! Consider getting them in the door now before they get picked up by a competitor.”

Be flexible

The workplace looks a lot different than it did just a short year ago, and this presents new opportunities for employers to source top seasonal talent. “With remote work being the new norm, companies have access to a wider talent pool,” advises Jesse. “To take advantage of it, however, hiring managers must exercise flexibility and keep an open mind when hiring.”

For example, being open to location and offering alternative or part-time schedules is a great way to expand your talent pool and speed up your hiring process. By hiring remote employees, you are not limited to a specific geographic area when searching for qualified candidates. In addition, hiring on a part-time basis is a great way to attract candidates who are interested in finding a side gig. Without their commute, many talented professionals are looking for a productive way to spend their newfound free time. Offering part-time, consulting opportunities is a great way to benefit from the value they have to offer.

Partner with a staffing firm

Whether you are dealing with a high volume of roles or simply do not have the bandwidth to keep up with your seasonal hiring needs, partnering with a reputable staffing firm can help! With a pipeline of qualified candidates readily available to start, as well as outreach resources at their disposal, your staffing partner can connect you with candidates quickly and efficiently. Read also: 5 Times An In-House Recruitment Team May Need To Partner With A Staffing Firm

Invest in onboarding

 To set your seasonal employees up for success, you should treat them just as you would a full-time hire. “This means that they should not only go through an effective onboarding program, but they should also have the same access to technology and resources that the rest of your employees do,” says Jesse. [eBook] The Employee Experience: Strategies For Each Stage Of The Employee Lifecycle

Stay in touch

Although seasonal hiring is temporary in nature, that doesn’t mean you should lose touch with these employees once their assignment ends. Not only can they be beneficial when you have another seasonal uptick in work, but they could also be great candidates for full-time roles later down the line!

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