Can’t Find Your Dream Candidate? 3 New Strategies To Try

October 28, 2019 Amanda Krebs

dream candidate

Finding the right candidate for your organization is essential if you want to stay competitive in the market. However, it can be more difficult than expected to find a candidate with a niche set of skills that can also fit into your company’s culture. If you’re stuck in the hiring process and can’t find your dream candidate, you’re not alone. While hiring the right candidate may be more difficult, it’s not impossible. Here’s a few new strategies that can help you find the right candidate and move on:

Speed up your hiring process

When you’re looking for your dream candidate, keep in mind that top talent will move quickly in this market. This means that if you want any chance of hiring the best candidates out there, you need to adapt your hiring process. To speed up the process, consider:

  • Consolidating interview rounds
  • Utilize technology to screen candidates faster
  • Make better, faster offers
  • Make a move when you meet a candidate you like

Hire for potential

While you’re holding onto a vision of the perfect new employee, it’s important to know that you simply may not find them. As a result, it’s critical that you consider expanding your criteria and take a look at candidates who may not necessarily check off every box on your list. 

When you find a candidate with excellent soft skills like communication or critical thinking and problem solving, training them to learn technical skills will come easily. Plus, offering to train and develop an employee can build loyalty between you and your new hire, increasing employee retention.

Try hiring consultants

For specialized or high-level roles, sometimes the hiring process will just take awhile. However, when you’re struggling to find the right person to fill the role, you’re not out of options. While you look for the right full-time hire, consider hiring a temporary consultant who can keep things running smoothly while you continue looking for the right fit.

[Infographic] How Temporary Consultants Can Ease The Impact Of The Skills Shortage


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