How Working With A Recruitment Firm Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

October 28, 2020 Alissa DeMaio

working with a recruitment firm

Many companies have needed to be more conservative with their hiring this year. However, this hasn’t stopped people from job searching! With professionals very much still on the move, you’re bound to see a ton of applicants come through if you are actively recruiting right now.

While hiring during an employer-driven job market will give you an abundance of options, it will also provide you with a ton of resumes to sort through. As a result, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the process of narrowing down your applicants—especially if you have a full plate of work on your hands. If you’re having trouble sorting through the noise, working with a recruitment firm can help ease the burden. Here are four ways working with a recruitment firm can streamline your hiring process.

They can save you time… and money

When time is of the essence, an extra set of hands can help you work more efficiently—especially if you are looking to fill multiple roles. Recruiters help expedite the hiring process by doing all the administrative heavy lifting for you—which means you can focus on other tasks and interviews. What’s more? They can also save you money by taking on certain hiring responsibilities you may have to outsource anyway, such as background checks, credentialing, and fingerprinting for temporary employees.

Shortlisting candidates is second nature to them

The application review process can be taxing and time consuming. You want to make sure you bring forth the best candidates for the job and that you don’t overlook any qualities that may be beneficial to your team and organization. Recruiters are experts at doing this. They usually take the time to meet with your organization to understand your hiring needs and work environment, and will know what skills and attributes to look for in candidates they select. Since they are experienced in this, and should have knowledge about your industry, they also usually have a fast turnaround time.

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They have access to a wide pool of talent

According to Deloitte, 37% of employers find identifying candidates with the right skills one of their biggest challenges in regard to talent acquisition. When it comes to applicants for a job, you’ll want to focus on quality over quantity. Unfortunately, just because you’re seeing an abundance of applications, doesn’t mean the right fit for the job is among them. In fact, only a small percentage of job applicants usually get called for an interview—meaning there is a lot of noise to sort through when it comes to shortlisting candidates.

If you’re having trouble finding the right fit among your applicants, working with a recruitment firm can give you access to an expanded network of qualified top talent to choose from.

They can guide you on a hiring strategy that’s right for your business

Hiring can get complicated. Depending on the needs of your organization, hiring a mix of temporary and full-time roles may be beneficial to your long-term success. Working with a recruitment firm can help you realize what hiring strategy makes sense for your organization, and what skills to look for in candidates.

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