Hiring Staff Virtually? 4 Ways To Showcase Your Employer Brand

May 12, 2020 Catherine Tacopina

As hiring staff virtually becomes part of our new professional normal, you may be struggling to adapt to these changes. While you may feel lost as you look to implement a virtual hiring process, it’s important to take a step back and a deep breath. Even though it is true that virtual hiring presents new and unique challenges, it doesn’t mean that you don’t already have some of the tools necessary to be successful! One such tool is a strong employer brand and knowing how to showcase it in a way that makes job seekers want to work for your company!

Having a strong employer brand is important for any type of hiring process, but it’s especially critical for companies who are doing all their hiring virtually. As professionals increasingly rely on their own online research to determine whether they want to work for a company, it’s important for employers to have an online employer brand that proves you’re a candidate’s strongest professional option. By presenting an attractive employer brand, you increase your chances of being able to successfully onboard new talent

Here are four ways to promote your employer brand online to attract top talent:

Establish a strong social media presence

As millennials continue to dominate the workforce and Gen Z begins to join them, it’s important to establish your employer brand on the platforms where these younger professionals spend much of their time. This ultimately means that an active and engaged social media presence is key. Utilizing sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can entice job seekers to work for your company by creating posts that focus on company culture and give an authentic portrayal of what it’s like to work for the company.

Highlight important statistics, awards, and stories

According to The Execu|Search Group’s 2020 Hiring Outlook, 59% of job seekers spend more than 30 minutes researching a company before deciding whether or not to apply. With this in mind, you want to ensure you’re providing an accurate and attractive representation of your company and what makes it successful. To do this, highlight statistics, awards, and other stories that demonstrate why your company would be a good place to work. For example, a low turnover rate, best place to work accolades, and great employee growth stories are all factors that should be highlighted on your company’s website and relevant social channels.  Remember, a critical part of your employer brand is demonstrating why you’re a better option than your competitors, so having data as part of your brand will help you stand out!

Monitor online reviews

Unfortunately, employers don’t have total control over their employer brand. Thanks to sites like Glassdoor and Facebook, people can leave negative online reviews about your company that could potentially tarnish your company’s reputation. Not being able to control how other people feel and talk about your company can be frustrating, but you can also use this opportunity to add an impressive dimension to your employer brand. When reviews appear, being responsive to both compliments and concerns shows potential hires that you’re invested in people’s experiences with the company. Additionally, it shows your commitment to how your company can serve its clients and customers.

Encourage your staff to be brand ambassadors

Since everyone is placing a higher value on their own employer brand, it’s critical that you look for ways to make your company stand out among your competition. One of the most effective ways to do this is by having your current staff act as brand ambassadors and champions. Doing so can help you build a level of authenticity that can set you apart from other employers. Some key ways to achieve this include having your staff share company-specific hashtags and facilitating employee “takeovers” of company social media accounts. Encouraging employees to participate in your employer branding efforts can ultimately lead to a deeper talent pool to choose from once it comes time to hire new staff!

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