The Top 4 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

June 10, 2019

Losing a valuable employee is never easy. It can take weeks or months to find a replacement, and the void can place a heavy burden on the rest of your team. Employee retention with top performers can be tricky—it is difficult to tell when they are dissatisfied, and you may be inadvertently making critical mistakes. According to our 2019 Hiring Outlook, here are the top 4 reasons why good employees leave:

Lack of work-life balance

With flexible working arrangements becoming more accessible, top employees are less willing to compromise. When more flexible options are available, employees are quick to leave if they don’t have the work-life balance they desire.

Poor relationship with manager

The relationship between manager and employee affects the daily experience of every staff member. An employee’s manager might be driving away top talent if they:

• are not transparent
• don’t recognize accomplishments
• don’t ensure their employees feel valued

Not a cultural fit

When employees don’t feel a part of the group, they are quick to find somewhere else where they feel like they belong. Company culture is more than just parties—it’s about ensuring that your staff feels valued, and they know that you prioritize people over profit. The more employees build trusting relationships with one another, the stronger your culture is.

Lack of advancement opportunities

The #1 reason professionals left their last job was lack of advancement opportunities. Today’s employees prioritize career development more than anything else. They want to be constantly learning & evolving rather than feeling like they are stuck in a rut. When their skills aren’t being developed, they will not hesitate to move on.

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