How To Improve The Candidate Experience To Attract Top Talent

November 10, 2016

In today’s economy, employers are struggling to attract talent, even during the interview process. 

56% of respondents said that they were interviewing for 2+ other roles while they were interviewing for their current position. With this level of competition, employers don’t realize that candidates have more power to choose the opportunity that’s right for them.

In order to attract the best talent in the candidate pool, employers need to adjust their hiring strategies to provide a positive experience throughout the interview process, so follow these 5 steps:

1. Sell the role

Remember that the candidate is also evaluating you and your organization. Start with an accurate job description to get the right applicants in the door.

During the interview, emphasize the role’s purpose and growth path, which is very important for today’s job seekers.

2. Address the company culture with enthusiasm!

This is among the top concerns for millennials in particular. Prove that you have a great culture by giving the candidate an accurate view of what it’s actually like to work for the organization.

3. Make faster decisions

If you take too long to make a decision, your top candidate may accept another offer.  Shorten the process by:

  • Scheduling interviews as soon as possible
  • Asking for work samples ahead of time
  • Having the candidate meet with multiple parties in one day

4. Keep the candidate up to date

If you fail to keep the candidate in the loop, they may believe that you are no longer interested. Ensure that they are consistently informed of where they stand throughout the process. 

If they are your top pick, they’re more likely to wait for your offer if you are honest with them. 

5. Do your homework

Understand what quantifies a competitive salary for the open position. The first offer should always reflect the candidate’s worth. Talented professionals know they can look elsewhere if your organization doesn’t pull through.

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