5 Signs Of High Emotional Intelligence

September 10, 2018

A lot has been said about the importance of high emotional intelligence in the workplace.

But how do you identify someone with high emotional intelligence? Look for these qualities:

They know their strengths & weaknesses

An emotionally intelligent person knows what they’re good at and what their challenges are.

Being able to understand their strengths and weaknesses allows them to utilize their skills and work on the ones that need improvement.

They adapt to change

Accepting that change is a normal part of life is one of the signs of high emotional intelligence.

Instead of letting change paralyze their progress, emotionally intelligent employees are flexible with evolving industry trends and shifting organizational structure.

They are empathetic

An individual with high emotional intelligence is not only aware of their own emotions, but can understand what others are feeling and thinking.

Being able to step in someone else’s shoes not only allows for more understanding, but also paves the way for better communication practices.

Professionals who demonstrate empathy are often more effective managers, as they understand how to read emotions and give constructive feedback.

They pause before they react

While it’s difficult to control your feelings, emotionally intelligent people can control their reaction to those feelings.

 Pinpointing their emotions—whether it be frustration or enthusiasm—and pausing before they react not only allows them to make rational decisions, but it can prevent embarrassing outbursts.

They learn from their mistakes

Professionals with high emotional intelligence own up to their mistakes, but they do not dwell on them.

Understanding that perfection does not exist, they view mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

This does not mean they forget, but rather that they do not let a sense of failure become a road block to future success.

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