4 Recruitment Strategies To Help You Succeed In A Candidate-Driven Market

February 20, 2019

Today’s job market is the most competitive in a generation. In this climate, providing a positive candidate experience is critical to attracting and hiring the best talent available. However, many employers are struggling to deliver without the right recruitment strategies. A great candidate experience, from job posting to offer, doesn’t only create excitement for one great candidate; it can also lead to higher quality applicants, more hires, and new referrals.

As a result, it becomes clear how much the hiring process matters in providing a great first impression to new hires. For employers who want to gain an edge on their competition, consider these recruitment strategies to transform your candidate experience in 2019:

Portray a strong employer brand

According to our 2019 Hiring Outlook, 59% of job seekers spend 30+ minutes researching a company throughout the hiring process. Between websites, social media, press, and employee review sites, every candidate has a strong impression of your organization before they walk in the door.

As a result, it is critical that employers utilize these online platforms to reach out to those candidates looking for the right fit. When a job seeker looks at your company online, they should be able to determine who you are, what you do, and why you’re a great place to work.

Be flexible in your requirements

While you may be holding out for a candidate with the perfect combination of skills and experience, the chances of finding them in the current market are slim. Consider your requirements for the job carefully and think about where you might be willing to compromise.

As a recruitment strategy, it is important to understand where you should make these compromises. As a general rule, looking for candidates who have the potential to grow into the role can be an excellent investment. When you find someone who can learn quickly and think critically, training them to learn the technical skills not only pays off, but it also builds loyalty.

Promote the company culture

Today’s candidates are looking for an employer who offers them purpose, aligns with their values, and supports their employees both personally and professionally. As a result, organizations must be sure that they clearly communicate these aspects of their culture clearly to every candidate. Not only should the candidate walk away with a clear understanding of the culture, but they should feel that everyone at the company is aligned with the culture and excited to talk about it.

Make faster, more competitive offers

According to our 2019 Hiring Outlook, 55% of professionals were interviewing for 2+ other roles while they were interviewing for their current position. When candidates have this many options available, they are likely still making their decision down to the very last minute. Employers must realize that recruitment strategies don’t stop once you find a candidate—this continues through the offer and negotiation processes as well.

Not only do organizations need to speed up their offer process, but they are also making the mistake of not putting their best offer out first. When a candidate does not receive the best offer first, it does more than simply draw out the negotiation process; it also lets the candidate know that you undervalued their experience. In the final hour of the process, be sure that you do everything possible to get your top candidate to accept your offer before they go to your competition.

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