High-Volume, Time-Sensitive Staffing Project For Global Biopharmaceutical Company

About The Project:

Just a few days before the East Coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy – one of the most destructive storms of the year – one of our clients, a global pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey, turned to us to staff an entire customer care department for a new drug that was to be launched.

For a Managing Director of Tandym Group’s Temporary Staffing division, weathering the storm was vital for all of her work commitments, but particularly important in respect to this project. The Managing Director, who had been working with this client for years, understood that timing is everything in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Since the launch date of the product had been finalized for months, it was imperative to have a quick turnaround and a 30-strong customer care team in place by the end of the month.

The Challenge:

High Volume: The client needed to build an entire customer care department of 30 employees, from the ground up.

Time Sensitivity: With the launch date of the new product set in stone, it was imperative that the new customer care team was in place and ready to start preparing for the release within the month.

Unforeseen Weather Obstacles: With much of New Jersey suffering from a power outage and severe weather events, it was especially difficult to communicate with not only the client, but also potential candidates.

The Results:

Although our team received the client’s call just days before the storm hit, we did not let the extreme weather obstacles prevent us from moving forward with the project. Understanding that the success of the launch was fully dependent on whether the client had their customer care department in place, we knew that we had to devote at least 90% of our time, including weekends, to this project.

During this process, our Tandym Pro team would interview up to five to six prospective candidates a day – spending at least 60 minutes with each of them to ensure we could fully appraise them of the skills and dedication that the client required. Through these extensive pre screening efforts, we were able to focus on submitting only the most qualified candidates for the client's consideration. This ultimately led her to successfully fill 18 out of the 30 positions in one month. Impressed with our commitment to making this launch successful, the client continues to work with us today.

Notable Data:

30 Days + Hurricane Sandy + 5 Candidate Interviews/Day = 18 Successful Placements

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