Temporary Staffing MSP Solution For Nationwide Retail Chain

About The Project:

Since 2002, Tandym Group has been partnering with one of the nation’s largest off-price retail chains, providing a wide variety of temporary support roles. The client, headquartered in California with retail stores across the country, specializes in selling discounted merchandise ranging from clothing and beauty products to furniture. Since the relationship’s inception, one of Tandym Group’s key strengths was our ability to provide the client with a high volume of Order Processing Clerks (OPC) and Assistant Buyers on an ongoing basis.

A Managing Director of Tandym Group’s Temporary division played a pivotal role in building a partnership with the client by consistently providing high caliber candidates for their temporary needs in a timely manner. In 2015, the client began transitioning away from utilizing OPCs to support various merchandising organizations and turned their focus to realigning their departments with Merchant Support Leads and Merchant Support Administrators (MSA). As a result of our longstanding partnership and overall succss, the client’s New York buying office selected Tandym Group to act as their Managed Service Provieder (MSP) to handle all of their temporary hiring needs for MSAs throughout this transition period.

The Challenge:

Time Sensitivity: It was imperative that a majority of the candidates were hired within a 6-month time frame. Interviewing qualified MSAs not only required additional administrative testing before they could be hired, but all new hires needed to take training classes collectively to ensure they’d all be up to speed at the same time.

High Volume: The client had to hire more than 50 MSAs spanning a number of merchandising organizations, and needed to hire an average of 3-5 MSAs per week.

High Turnover: The client had experienced high turnover for the OPC and Assistant Buyer support roles in the past, due to a lack of upward mobility for employees in those roles. They aimed to rebuild their departments with MSAs particularly willing to stay with the company for a minimum of 60 days with the potential of eventually being hired full-time.

The Results:

Starting in July 2015, Tandym Group implemented an “all hands on deck” approach, which required the entire team to proactively source, screen, interview, and test a variety of prospective candidates. Their strategy focused on evaluating the personality fit and key soft skills of the candidates in order to determine if they’d be a good long-term fit with the company.

Over the course of 6 months, Tandym Group successfully placed a total of 53 MSAs across a number of merchandising organizations. As it was a priority of the client’s to hire candidates that would make a good long-term fit, at the end of the project, approximately 55% of the MSAs that were hired on a temporary basis had transitioned to full-time roles. Ultimately, Tandym Group’s longstanding relationship with the client enabled us to provide them with the type of candidates that not only fit into their company culture, but also looked forward to a long-term career within the company. Tandym Group continues to act as the client’s MSP, handling all of their temporary hiring needs in the New York City and Greater Boston areas.

Notable Data:

6 Months > 53 Placements > 55% Transitioned To Full-Time Roles

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