Staffing Urgent Care Centers in the Tri-State Area

About The Project:

Due to the Affordable Care Act's major impact on patient care over the last decade, stand-alone urgent care centers emerged as viable options for patients to receive fast and convenient emergency medical care. As a result of that shift, one of Tandym Health’s startup clients grew into a leading urgent care organization throughout the state of New York.

Within the first few years of the company’s operation, the client sustained a steady increase in patient demand. In order to better serve the growing patient population, they set forth on a plan to expand throughout the broader New York Tri-State area and chose to partner with Tandym Health in hopes of finding the necessary talent. We leveraged our proven success in providing urgent care staffing solutions as well as our industry expertise in the healthcare field to support the client’s expansion efforts.

The Challenge:

New Market Expansion: In order to continue to meet the demand for health services, the client needed to cover more territory, which required a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

Geo-Specific Staffing Needs: In addition to filling vacancies throughout New York City, the client needed a strategic partner that could proactively source candidates for their locations throughout the greater Tri-State area.

Specialized Skill Set In A Niche Market: The client needed to hire a number of primary care doctors, specifically Urgent Care MDs with previous urgent care and procedural experience, as well as Emergency Room PAs with strong clinical skills and emergency room experience.

The Results:

What started as a relatively small need to fill a number of MD and PA roles quickly evolved into an ongoing partnership with Tandym Health, a division of Tandym Group, and our Physician and Healthcare recruiting divisions collaborated to actively source and screen the right candidates throughout the recruitment process.

At the end of the project, the client was particularly impressed with their ability to quickly fill 12 full-time MD/PA roles over the course of 10 months. The team’s responsiveness and quick turnaround time in addressing the client’s growing needs allowed them to consistently provide the client with high-quality candidates. This high level of service helped the client streamline their interview process in order to make swift hiring decisions.

Tandym Health’s industry expertise and true understanding of the client’s needs have cemented our ability to be a strategic partner. As of today, we continue to partner with the client, expanding into the placement of operational roles in addition to other clinical positions.

Notable Data:

6 New Client Sites To Be Staffed > 10 Months > 12 MD/PA Roles Filled

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