Staffing High-Level Consultants For Internal Audit

About The Project:

Based on reports of fraudulent activity, one of the largest U.S. banks was alerted by the SEC that their company would need to undergo an internal audit. The company, with operational offices around the world, offers customers industry-leading products and services, with a focus on financial solutions. As a result of the impending audit, the company reached out to Tandym Group’s Financial Services division, in need of highly-specialized compliance professionals to prepare for the impending internal audit.

The client needed a high volume of Anti-Money Laundering Consultants (AMLs) who also possessed the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification. Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, the client utilized a total of 7 agencies focused on the financial services sector in order to avoid multi-billion dollar fines if they failed to have a strong compliance team in place leading up to the audit.

The Challenge:

Time Sensitivity: The client was given 4-5 months’ notice that their company would undergo an internal audit, which meant having a full compliance team in place and up to speed prior to the audit.

High-Level, Specialized Skill Set: Candidates needed to have experience clearing 3-5 audit cases accurately, possess a CAMS certification with 5-10 years of experience, and have a strong understanding of international market regulations. Additionally, they had to be conversationally proficient in English and Spanish, as they would be communicating with contacts overseas.

High Volume: The client needed a total of 60 to 70 AML consultants who were not only technically qualified for the role, but would fit in well with the company culture.

The Results:

Although there were 6 other agencies involved with the project, our team took the challenge head on. We implemented a sourcing strategy that tapped into our pipeline of qualified finance candidates and implemented alerts and a variety of monitoring tools on job boards to connect with prospective candidates as fast as possible.

Working closely with the client’s HR Director, we played a pivotal role throughout the interview process. Due to our bilingual capabilities with proficiency in Spanish and knowledge of the client’s unique needs, we conducted the majority of the candidate’s interviews in Spanish. We were able to not only gauge the candidate’s proficiency level, but ensure their credentials, personality, and experience aligned with the job’s requirements.

The team submitted a total of 60 AML consultants for a variety of roles. The client felt that Tandym Group’s candidates presented themselves well and possessed the right background for the job, so they ultimately hired 30 AML consultants through Tandym Group. This amounts to 50% of the total number of consultants needed, more than any other agency involved with the project.

Notable Data:

4-5 Months > 60 Positions > 30 Placements

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