Payroll & Onboarding Services For Global Retailer

About The Project:

The client, a global retailer, in collaboration with their agency partner, had just completed onboarding a high volume of payrolled professionals via their Vendor Management technology. However, without warning, the agency came to the conclusion that they could no longer manage the client’s contingent workforce needs, leaving them without an Employer of Record for their payrolled candidates moving forward.

The agency had struggled to support the client’s local talent needs, proving to be more of a transactional partner via Vendor Management tools, as opposed to one that could provide a personal touch in developing a long-term partnership. This unexpected departure from their primary agency forced the client to secure a replacement vendor that not only had a strong local presence in New Jersey, but one that could also provide staffing and workforce solutions for a variety of business lines.

The client looked to Tandym Group, due to our experience providing them with temporary employees across a number of verticals (i.e., Tandym Pro).

The Challenge:

Time-Sensitive Onboarding Process: The client needed 35 newly hired candidates to be onboarded collectively in order to be in the best position to start the project by the beginning of the year. The roles ranged from Buying and Merchandising to Design and Marketing, among many others.

HR & Payrolling Issues: Within a matter of weeks, the client needed to have all administrative issues (i.e., payroll frequency, direct deposit, provision of benefits and reporting, etc.) associated with each candidate organized via their Vendor Management system.

The Solution:

Ultimately, the client partnered with us, and we immediately started the process of transitioning all 35 candidates to our payroll. However, before initiating this process, members of Tandym Group’s Professional Services and Temporary Division, and the HR Operations Lead within our Workforce Solutions Division, visited the client on site to outline an onboarding process that ensured all of the candidates would be set to start work in a timely fashion.

While on site, they met with each candidate individually for approximately 15 minutes at a time to answer any questions they had about their responsibilities, scheduling, or details of the job. In addition, they worked with each candidate to address payroll-related issues (i.e., W4, I-9, timesheets, etc.) to avoid any lapses in services provided.

The Outcome:

Within one month, the team at Tandym Group had successfully onboarded 35 candidates without any major business interruptions. The client eventually chose to continue working with Tandym Group as a result of our longstanding presence in the New Jersey market and our high level of customer service while establishing an ongoing partnership. To date, we continue to provide a variety of staffing solutions while acting as their payroll and onboarding provider.

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