High-Volume, Specialized Staffing Project For Nonprofit Program Under Government Audit

About The Project:

After an unexpected loss in 2014, a social service agency dedicated to fair employment and fighting workplace discrimination, went bankrupt. Nonprofit organizations throughout the country bid on the agency’s existing programs and when our client acquired one of them, a new challenge arose: re-staffing the entire program under government deadlines and budgets.

The government allotted the organization a budget for 29 months, at the end of which, the efficiency of the program would be re-assessed and further budgeting would be decided depending on the success of the program. Because future budgeting depends on the results of the government audit at the end of the 29 month period, and with an entire program to staff and a client base needing uninterrupted services, they turned to Tandym Group for help.

The Challenge:

High Volume: Since the client was building this program from the ground-up, they needed to fill 256 long-term contract positions.

Diversity of Jobs: These positions encompassed a range of titles and skill sets across industries and specialties, from administrative assistants to case managers.

Internal Training: Some of the open positions were jobs that Tandym Group did not have prior experience in placing; as a result, our team had to familiarize themselves with the positions before proceeding.

The Results:

Various divisions of Tandym Group collaborated to tackle the wide variety of openings. Together, they took a unique approach to the project that included:

  1. Setting up an open house to source a large pool of potential candidates, and taking an “all hands on deck” approach to unique positions by creating new staffing strategies and facilitating internal training.
  2. Ensuring that candidates possessed the soft skills and personality traits necessary for success in the program—such as communication skills, patience, and understanding – in addition to the necessary technical skills.
  3. Pre-screening and background checking all candidates before sending them in for interviews, ensuring the organization received quality talent in an efficient and timely fashion.
  4. Providing benefits to each and every eligible candidate placed through the firm, ensuring that the organization could staff the necessary positions within budget during the 29 months and possibly beyond.

As of four months into the project, 109 new employees sourced by Tandym Group were working on-site with the client. Due to our efficient credentialing/turnaround time and placement rate, the partnership has been largely successful and the organization is continuing to work with Tandym Group to fill the remainder of the open roles.

Notable Data:

4 Months > 109 Placements > 3.54 Days: Average Turnaround Time From Acceptance To Being Fully Credentialed To Start Work


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