High-Volume, Specialized Staffing Project for Leading Provider of Healthcare Coverage

About The Project:

Tandym Group was approached by one of the region’s leading providers of health care coverage with a high volume of temporary staffing needs within their Customer Service department. The client, headquartered in New Jersey, serves over 900,000 members with self-funded health plans and recently signed a significant contract with a major non-profit health insurance provider, which subsequently spiked the number of new enrollment inquiries.

The client’s HR department was stretched thin without enough personnel to focus on hiring permanent staff members and meeting the demands of filling temporary roles. A Director of the Professional Support division at Tandym Group spearheaded the project of sourcing a high volume of qualified Customer Service Advocates and Customer Support Representatives to make for a smooth transition with the new contract in place.

The Challenge:

High Volume: The client needed to hire at least 5 customer service professionals per week for 6 weeks to handle the anticipated influx in the number of new enrollment inquiries.

Time Sensitivity: With an overwhelming 55,000 new members seeking enrollment, the Customer Service department needed to add the right personnel within 4-6 weeks in order to maintain regular business operations.

Specialized Skill Set: The client needed customer service professionals that had experience working within a Healthcare or Managed Care setting, and also possessed a working knowledge of certain medical benefits & plans. Additionally, prospective candidates needed to be familiarized with certain medical terminology, as their main responsibilities would include helping new enrollees understand their benefits and claims procedures.

The Results:

The Tandym team implemented a targeted recruitment search to find the customer service professionals with this specialized skill set under a tight deadline. Within the first few weeks of the relationship, we provided the client with 10 highly qualified customer service professionals, where a total of 8 candidates were accepted for the position. With such a high placement rate, the Recruitment Manager was particularly impressed with our ability to effectively source and screen prospective candidates with the right personality and skill fit for the roles, and saw this as a reason to continue to work with Tandym Group. Our team focused not only on finding the most qualified candidates with the necessary skill set, but also on building a trusted partnership with the client in order to source professionals that would be the best personality fit for the organization.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, the team successfully placed 28 temporary contractors within the client’s Customer Service department. The Tandym Group’s thorough sourcing/screening capabilities convinced the client that they could remove themselves from the interview process and rely solely on our candidate submissions in order to free up time and effort for other critical HR tasks.

Notable Data:

6 Weeks > 28 Placements > 50% Transitioned To Perm Or Employed Indefinitely

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