High-Level, Specialized Recruitment Project For Global Financial Institution (Internal Audit)

About The Project:

Like many others in the financial services field, one of our clients—a global financial institution—found themselves with an overwhelming number of specialized hiring needs. This was a result of financial and banking regulations put into place in reaction to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. For the first time, Internal Audit became a vital part of any financial firm’s infrastructure, and as a result, the firm implemented a firm-wide initiative to overhaul their Internal Audit group.

Their ambitious plan was to significantly improve their department within 18 months by hiring senior-level professionals. Due to the rapidly shifting supply & demand of qualified candidates in the market, they knew it would be an insurmountable task unless they had a suitable partner. That’s when the VP of Talent Acquisition turned to Tandym Pro's team to expedite the project.

The Challenge:

High-Level, Specialized Needs – Much of the department’s current staff were complacent and unwilling to adapt to industry changes. To accomplish the firm’s goals of growth and transformation while ensuring no costly mistakes were made, the client needed savvy candidates with the following qualifications:  

  1. Currently working at a Big 4 accounting firm and/or a global investment firm
  2. Strong audit and financial services experience
  3. Soft skills such as drive, attention to detail, and strong leadership/mentorship ability

Large Scale Hiring – In order to establish a robust and high-performing Internal Audit group, the client had a high quantity of roles to fill. However, it was too challenging to find them on their own. “For the sheer number of needs we had and the high-quality we demanded, there simply weren’t enough candidates to go around,” said the client.

Time Sensitivity – The firm had to achieve this overhaul in 18 months in order to ensure they were on track to comply with all policies and regulations. 

The Results:

Tandym Pro first familiarized themselves with the client’s needs by meeting with senior-level decision makers and making note of their detailed criteria. The next step was to approach candidates and present them with a clear picture of the opportunities available and their benefits: high-level roles offering great experience, with global exposure, competitive compensation and an opportunity to gain a foothold in a booming field. Due to Tandym Pro’s success and reputation in the Internal Audit field, candidates trusted they were being submitted for rewarding and exciting opportunities.

“From the onset of this project, we made strong communication a priority for both the client and candidates,” explains a senior member of our Financial Services team. “We wanted to make sure that the candidates not only possessed the technical skills but the drive and desire to succeed that the client was looking for, while ensuring the client was well-informed of our progress.” According to the client, this communication was the key to success, resulting in approximately 70% of submitted candidates receiving interviews.

Since partnering with the client, Tandym Pro has made a significant contribution to the department. To this day, Tandym Pro and the client still work together on this initiative and look forward to continued success.

Notable Data:

18 Months > 13 High-Level Needs > 70% Interview Rate (Percentage of Tandym Pro submitted candidates interviewed by client)

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