Clinical Recruitment Solutions For FQHCs

About The Project:

Over the years, we’ve built close partnerships with a broad range of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the New York Tri-State area. Whether we team up with a community health center or a nonprofit healthcare provider focused on serving underserved populations (e.g., HIV/AIDS, LGBTQ, etc.), Tandym Group has become a reliable resource for providing timely hiring solutions that address a wide variety of employment challenges impacting the FQHC community. In an 18-month period, we’ve helped FQHCs throughout the Northeast hire the following roles:

  • Family Medicine MD: 18
  • Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistants: 14
  • Internal Medicine MD: 10
  • Non-Licensed: 6
  • Registered Nurse/Leadership: 3
  • OB-GYN: 3
  • Psychiatrists: 3
  • Pediatricians: 2


The Challenge:

Since FQHCs must meet certain performance and patient demographic criteria in order to secure federal government grants, many of our clients require additional resources to address some of their most common recruitment challenges:

Hard-To-Fill-Roles – FQHCs face a new level of competition in the market, as they’ve experienced a significant increase in demand for skilled health professionals (i.e., Social Workers, Registered Nurses,  Nursing Leadership, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physicians, and Psychiatrists).

Budgetary/Funding Constraints – Federal funding plays a major role in our clients’ capacity to        provide high-quality patient care to underserved populations, but with limited financial flexibility, it can be challenging to secure seasoned healthcare professionals within a defined budget.

Underserved Community Locations – Headquartered in one of the top locations for FQHCs in the U.S., we work with clients spanning diverse locations across the Tri-State area. However, since many of the centers are generally located in medically underserved areas, educating candidates about the types of roles available and the benefits of working at an FQHC can be difficult.

The Results:

From aiding FQHCs in opening new centers to providing timely staffing solutions for their day-to-day hiring struggles, we always take the time to meet face-to-face with all of our clients to gain insight into their company culture and unique hiring needs.

The Tandym Group’s Tandym Health division understands the importance of proactive sourcing and thorough candidate screening to ensure our clients only receive professionals who are motivated to work in FQHC communities. Our recruiters are trained to address many of the difficulties FQHCs typically experience in managing their workforce.

What Sets Us Apart:

With such an in-depth understanding of the culture and needs of the FQHCs we work with, we’re able to streamline our processes to ensure we can manage the expectations of both clients and candidates. In addition to streamlined workflows, our FQHC clients partner with Tandym particularly because of:

Our Advanced Healthcare Database – With over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we’ve amassed an extensive database of candidates, with the ability to target candidates with previous FQHC experience and/or interest in working in this space. 

Our Candidate Guidance – We pride ourselves on our industry expertise and the ability to educate our candidates on current market trends to ensure they understand the expectations of each facility in order to make the most informed decision.

Our Urgency & Responsiveness – We understand that a company’s staffing needs can change       regularly, and we have built a successful track record of responding to our clients’ urgent needs (i.e.,  resignations, family/medical leave coverage, etc.). Not only can we find the right permanent staff    quickly, but we also have a temporary staffing division that can fill urgent temporary needs as they arise.

Our Industry Involvement – We are one of the only staffing firms to sponsor and attend the      Community Health Care Association of New York State’s (CHCANYS) annual gathering. We value working within this community as it allows us to cultivate relationships and learn more about FQHCs as a whole. These events help us to learn about the challenges these facilities face, the changing medical reform landscape, and the impact certain healthcare regulations will have on employer demands and the health workforce.

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